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Notebook ComputerIt's official - The bulky desktop computer era is ending, and the age of laptop sales has begun.

According to a report from Current Analysis, for the first time in laptop sales history, the laptop sale figures bettered the conventional desktop figures in the retail sector in 2005. Laptop computer sale accounted for 50.9 percent (a rise of 8 percent year-on-year) of all personal computer sales, while cumbersome desktop PCs made up only 49.1 percent of sales.

Laptops or notebooks work in pretty much the same way as its bigger cousin the full sized desktop computers - they just come in smaller packages. The hardware is compressed into smaller compact units that you can carry around, unlike the unwieldy desktop computers, which typically feature separate display devices and system units.

If you ever peeked inside a laptop you will wonder how the manufacturer crammed so many components into such small space. Indeed, the miniaturization employed on an average notebook makes it very expensive. The average price of a mid-range laptop is $1300, double than $650 for a high-end desktop computer. This one choice you will have to make - whether to buy a laptop or purchase a desktop computer?

There are advantages to both. Desktop computers are less expensive, available from a variety of sources and possibly more reliable. Conversely it is difficult to use desktop computers anywhere else but at home or office. In contrast, although laptops are not perfect computer systems, they do offer tremendous leverage. A portable computer or notebook can accompany you on business trips, visits to brokers and other contacts. Weighing less than eight pounds, notebooks typically have a flat screen and LCD display, and are powered by a rechargeable battery. With millions of laptops being sold, and half of them in United States alone, it is not hard to imagine, that buy laptop computer online is a booming business.


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